Left Out: SMB’s Haven’t Benefited From Bailouts

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From Businessweek: Make the Next Bailout Serve Small Business It’s an oldie, but still very relevant. Why has there been such a huge failure by the architects of the these bailouts at making them work for small and medium businesses?  Mr. Shane talks about a number of problems with trying to target the bail out billions […]

The “M” of SMB

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From The Wall Street Journal: Spotlight Shines On Mid-Sized Firms Are mid-sized firms the ignored middle child of the US economy? That’s what this recent WSJ article argues; and it highlights a new summit going on at Ohio State this week.  The “Middle Market Summit” is being bankrolled by a number of large companies (GE and […]

Index is the Tip of the Iceberg

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From DealBook: McGraw-Hill in Talks to Lead Stock Indexes Joint Venture S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average are two of the most popular measures of the US economy. Those two indices, along with thousands of others created by the two companies have come to be accepted standards and benchmarks. Because they are accepted there’s […]

Credit Unions want to lend more to SMB’s

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From Credit Union Times: Congress will Again Take Up Business Lending, Consumer Bureau and Deficits Credit Unions are lobbying to loosen regulations that cap the amount of SMB lending they are allowed to carry. The fact that some banks are claiming to be turning down worthy businesses because of regulation is a little disturbing, especially given […]

Lenders Need Relevant Benchmarks

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From Bloomberg Businessweek: What We Don’t Know About Small Business Lending The 2008 crisis has shed some light on many problems with our financial system that have been either hidden or ignored. One of those problems is that we simply don’t have enough information about mid-market and small businesses.