Customer Acquisition

Lower customer acquisition costs by microsegmenting your target market. With microsegmentation, you can make more personalized offers and get higher response rates. Our granular data enables segmentation by credit performance in addition to more traditional geography and industry criteria.
Use cases

  • Construct an opportunistic portfolio by targeting segments that are forecasted to experience the largest improvements in credit quality.
  • Conservatively expand a portfolio by extending credit into segments that have stable quality and are forecasted to remain the same.
  • An aggressive investor could seek out geographies where the credit quality is poor or deteriorating and cherry pick by using more comprehensive underwriting criteria.

Quickstart: One week to results
We will help you identify attractive, granular borrower segments based on your risk appetite. We can run online campaigns on your behalf or work with your team. Our integration with select list providers enables us to run micro direct marketing campaigns on your behalf.