Portfolio Management

Refine credit policy and investment criteria based on granular trends. With weekly refreshes, our one of a kind platform provides current information and historic context so you are never blindsided.

Benchmark portfolio health at granular geography and industry level. Regular comparisons against timely data allow you to capitalize on emergent opportunities and correct course before a signal becomes a problem.

Improve loan review effectiveness by prioritizing borrowers based on actual credit quality changes. Ex. For consumer loans, prioritize borrowers from geographies where the credit quality is forecasted to deteriorate. For business loans, borrowers from industry sectors with deteriorating credit quality should be prioritized ahead of other borrowers.

Quickstart: One week to results
Give us a pool of loans representing your portfolio or loans that you can purchase, including borrower demographic information, initial credit factors, your borrower risk assessment, and current loan performance metrics. We will analyze the pool, make initial recommendations, and also append relevant scores to each loan so you can evaluate the advantages of incorporating WAIN Street scores into your workflow.