Improve credit scoring, loan selection, and pricing by incorporating granular data concerning prospective creditworthiness. Our unique scores enable underwriters to meaningfully differentiate between seemingly similar credits.

Local Economic Vitality provides an assessment of consumers’ future income prospects.  A forward looking factor, Local Economic Vitality complements traditional factors such as debt to income and allows you to systematically differentiate between consumers based on macroeconomic factors such as future job availability in their local areas.

Business Health Score provides an assessment of future business performance at a granular industry and geography level.  Based on  macroeconomic factors that impact business performance, incorporating business health scores into a credit model provides a more robust assessment of borrower creditworthiness.

Quickstart: One week to results
Give us your portfolio of loans including borrower demographic information, initial credit factors, your borrower risk assessment, and current loan performance metrics. We will analyze the portfolio, make initial recommendations for incorporating WAIN Street scores, and also append relevant scores to the loans so you can evaluate the advantages of incorporating WAIN Street scores into your credit decisioning process.