The Next Step: Shining a Light

Six months ago WAIN Street launched the Business Default Index (BDX), the first component of our Business Credit Health Index (BCH Index). At that time we were very encouraged by the initial analysis and results of numerous correlations studies; we were even so bold to suggest the BCH Index was tapping into something fundamental and providing unique information about the credit health of US businesses.

WAIN Street is now taking the next step with the launch of our newsletter called Taking the Pulse. Every month, this publication will give a high-resolution view of the prevailing vitality of businesses nationwide. Taking the Pulse will help readers peel back the layers and zoom into the nuances and variations in business credit quality that were previously lost in the din.

We’re proud of this first issue and even more excited to share future analysis and insight. However, in many ways, Taking the Pulse will only scratch the surface. We’ve launched several deep dives into select areas of research around the BCH Index and are keen to collaborate with practitioners and experts. So we invite you to read Taking the Pulse, comment on its content, and take part in a conversation that we truly believe will reshape the most important credit market in our economy.

If you’d like to learn more please feel free to email WAIN Street Founder, Vidur Dhanda.