Industry Default Correlations

One of the biggest challenges confronting small business lenders is the absence of data.  And ultimately that hurts small businesses via higher interest rates.  This is acutely evident in the burgeoning online lending industry.  At WAIN Street, we want to change that. 

Our Credit Quality Map provides unique and valuable insights into the credit quality of businesses nationwide.  It helps lenders identify opportunities that align with their strategy and appetite. The next step is to understand the “credit relationships” between borrowers across industries.   These “industry correlations” are the basic ingredient for lenders to manage their risk and construct portfolios that deliver superior performance.   And that translates into lower interest rates for small businesses.

So, we mined the most comprehensive database of business defaults and conducted what we believe is the largest industry default analysis ever—50 months of data about 18 million businesses.  And the results are intuitive and immediately applicable.


The complete report is available here.