BCH Index

Big Data Means Big Changes

The world of finance is going to be drastically altered by “big data.” That’s the conclusion of a recent white paper released by BNY Mellon.  Written by Jack Malvey, BNY Mellon’s Chief Global Markets Strategist, the paper predicts that new approaches, analytics, research, and management techniques around “big data” will rapidly transform the world of …

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Big Data. Small Business.

The thing about “big data” is that it is, well, big.  Lots of hype, innovation, start-up activity, punditry and opportunity.  Sorry Gen-Y, you didn’t start it. WAIN Street is helping to build up small businesses with the help of “big data”.

Taking the Pulse

At WAIN Street we’ve just released the Business Default Index (BDX) which provides a comprehensive, composite gauge of business defaults in the US. Needless-to-say, we’re excited about many things, but most importantly we believe the BDX provides a new perspective on often-ignored mid-market and small businesses. It’s enabling us to “take the pulse” and gain new insight …

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