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Taking the Pulse

At WAIN Street we’ve just released the Business Default Index (BDX) which provides a comprehensive, composite gauge of business defaults in the US. Needless-to-say, we’re excited about many things, but most importantly we believe the BDX provides a new perspective on often-ignored mid-market and small businesses. It’s enabling us to “take the pulse” and gain new insight …

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Details Matter

Since our last post on the topic, not much has changed in the debate over small business lending:  no one is sure whether it’s lack of supply or lack of demand.  The topic is important and we’ll talk more about the continued lack of consensus and how WAIN Street could be helpful to the debate …

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Why Granularity Matters

Granularity.  Specificity.  High-resolution.  Drill down.  Different words, all meaning the same thing: give me more detail; show me the texture; tell me the story within. That is what the WAIN Street Business Credit Health Index (BCH Index) does for managers of mid-market and small business credit portfolios.  It gives them an aggregate view of national credit health …

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Lenders Need Relevant Benchmarks

From Bloomberg Businessweek: What We Don’t Know About Small Business Lending The 2008 crisis has shed some light on many problems with our financial system that have been either hidden or ignored. One of those problems is that we simply don’t have enough information about mid-market and small businesses.