Details Matter

Since our last post on the topic, not much has changed in the debate over small business lending:  no one is sure whether it’s lack of supply or lack of demand.  The topic is important and we’ll talk more about the continued lack of consensus and how WAIN Street could be helpful to the debate …

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Money When You Don’t Need It

The irony of small business credit these days comes down to a single frustrating truth: Banks will lend you money if you don’t really need it. Since the 2008 crisis, despite well-meaning efforts from many areas of government, small business lending remains depressed. And the kicker is we still really don’t know why.

Why Not Wall Street

The middle market is getting a lot of love from people these days. And why shouldn’t they? They’re a roughly defined group of companies with somewhere between $10 million and $1 billion in revenue. It’s a broad range for sure, but contained in there are some of the real gems of the American economy. They’re companies …

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Occupy What Street?

We knew it would happen eventually; the eye sore of a tent city in Zuccotti Park and dozens of other sites around the country wouldn’t be tolerated forever. Sure enough, they are being forcibly removed by police with pepper spray and horses. Like all parties, it had to end sometime; but not like all parties, …

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Funding For the Middle

Last Thursday the National Middle Market Summit kicked off. Bankrolled by the likes of GE Capital and Fed Ex, “Leading from the Middle” attempted to bring more visibility to the ‘mid-market companies’ defined as firms with revenues between $10 million and $1 billion. Among the A-list speakers were GE CEO and Obama ‘Jobs Czar’ Jeff …

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